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Small business IT
Let us be your IT department. Affordable IT outsourcing for small business.
Web site starter
Establish a web presence with our easy and affordable Web site starter package.
Beginner's computing
Help an inexperienced friend or relative start with computers. Computer purchasing advice included.
Equipment assessment
Balance the features you want in a computer system with your available budget.

System administration

Whether you have a single Windows computer or a large network of Linux/Unix machines, we have a service plan that will meet your system administration needs. Choose from our on-site services or from our support and training options.

On-site services. We will come to your business or home and perform system administration tasks such as backing up your data, handling security issues, upgrading software, and managing your network. We have three basic plans for on-site system administration:

  • Our most comprehensive option is IT Outsourcing, where for a fixed monthly fee we manage virtually all aspects of your computer systems.
  • Alternatively, for customers not needing the comprehensive services of IT Outsourcing, our Support by the Month plan features a lower fixed monthly fee and includes prices discounted from our regular per-item rates.
  • Of course, our on-site services are always available at our regular rates on a per-visit basis without any contract. This option is recommended for most home users.

Training. If you are interested in learning more about computer system administration, or in training your staff in systems issues, we can provide both one-on-one and classroom training in your areas of interest. Common topics include network management, system security, and data integrity.

Support plans. Whether or not we have trained your system administrator, problems can arise which call for additional input. In those cases, we are ready to provide on-site and remote support services, in order to add our knowledge and resources to augment those of your in-house experts.


On-site technical support:

Remote technical support:

  • By telephone: First ten minutes, $5 flat fee; additional time, $10 per hour.
  • By email: Unlimited email dialog for two weeks, $10 flat fee.


Contact us with your system administration needs.

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