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Small business IT
Let us be your IT department. Affordable IT outsourcing for small business.
Web site starter
Establish a web presence with our easy and affordable Web site starter package.
Beginner's computing
Help an inexperienced friend or relative start with computers. Computer purchasing advice included.
Equipment assessment
Balance the features you want in a computer system with your available budget.

Fee schedule.

The big question. The first question most people ask when encountering East Lincoln Computer Services for the first time is: "Why are your rates so low?"

The unusual answer. There are two primary reasons why our rates are so low.

  • First, the demand for computer related services in our area, though expanding rapidly, is still relatively low. We want to be a supplier in this area; thus, we must charge low rates.
  • Second, we really enjoy our line of work. Much of our reward for being in business is personal and intangible rather than financial. We enjoy providing services for people at rates which make them smile also.

Fee schedule:
Subject to change without notice.

On-site service charge:

Technical support pricing:

  • By the item:
    • By email: Unlimited email dialog for two weeks, $10 flat fee.
    • By telephone: First ten minutes, $5 flat fee; additional time, $10 per hour.
    • On-site: $17 per hour, plus per-visit on-site service charge.
  • By the month:

Repairs pricing:

  • Pickup and delivery: on-site service charge.
  • Labor:
    • Basic hourly rate, $17 per hour.
    • For machines two years old or older, the maximum labor fee is $35. For all systems, if we can't fix it, you pay no labor charges.
    • Hard drive special: $15 base fee. If drive can't be restored to health, then add $10 per CD or $20 per DVD of recovered data you wish to buy.
  • Parts: as needed.

Training pricing:

  • One-on-one rate: $17 per hour, plus per-visit on-site service charge.
  • Classroom rate: $75 per hour, plus per-visit on-site service charge.
  • Beginner's Computer Package:

Web development pricing:

  • Starter web site: $50 flat fee.
  • Advanced web sites: Depends on service. Contact us for hourly, page, or site pricing.

Programming pricing:

  • Rates: Depend on service. Contact us for job quotes or hourly rates.
  • Payment plan: 1/3 up front, remainder on completion.

Other services pricing:

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