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Small business IT
Let us be your IT department. Affordable IT outsourcing for small business.
Web site starter
Establish a web presence with our easy and affordable Web site starter package.
Beginner's computing
Help an inexperienced friend or relative start with computers. Computer purchasing advice included.
Equipment assessment
Balance the features you want in a computer system with your available budget.

Programming services.

Whether you need web page scripting, database development, or a standalone scientific application, East Lincoln Computer Services can handle your custom programming needs.

Our specialties include:

  • Software design: database development, human computer interaction, information presentation, displays.
  • Scientific programming: statistics, data analysis, medical applications, mathematical problems.
  • Artificial intelligence: fuzzy expert systems, artificial neural networks, genetic programming.
  • Engineering applications: robotics, machine vision, systems modeling and simulation.
  • Hardware: machine interfacing and control.

Favorite programming environments:

  • Linux development in C/C++, Shell script, Perl, Java, PHP.
  • Windows programming in Visual Basic and Visual C/C++.

We don't enjoy it as much, but we will also program in: FORTRAN, Lisp/Scheme, COBOL, BASIC, CNC codes, Ada, Forth, and several assembly languages.

Rates. We prefer to contract for programming services by the job rather than by the hour. That way everybody knows up front exactly what they are putting into the deal and exactly what they are getting out of it. We typically ask for 1/3 of the fee up front, with the remainder due on completion of the project to your satisfaction. All our work comes with a free one year service contract.

However, if you require hourly billing, our rates range from $15 per hour for simple PHP scripting to $175 per hour for programming that requires us to spend ten times as many unpaid hours researching arcane mathematical and engineering topics than we actually spend getting paid for programming. (You really are better off paying by the job.)

Contact us regarding our custom programming services.

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