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Small business IT
Let us be your IT department. Affordable IT outsourcing for small business.
Web site starter
Establish a web presence with our easy and affordable Web site starter package.
Beginner's computing
Help an inexperienced friend or relative start with computers. Computer purchasing advice included.
Equipment assessment
Balance the features you want in a computer system with your available budget.

High quality, low price equipment repairs.

Our low price guarantee: For computer systems two years old or older, our maximum labor charge is $35. For all systems, if we can't fix it, you pay no labor charges.

Hard drive failures. We can salvage the data from your ailing hard drive. If you have a drive that is mechanically sound but has become corrupted due to viruses, improper shutdown, or unintended deletions, we can restore your drive to health. Even if your hard drive is showing signs of mechanical or electronic distress, we may still be able to recover the data. Prices start at $15.

Mysterious crashes. Does your machine freeze up unexpectedly? Has your machine become unreliable when running your favorite programs? We can diagnose and repair a wide variety of hardware performance issues on both Windows and Unix machines.

Slow-running systems. If your computer is running slowly, we may be able to speed it up without changing your hardware. Or, if hardware upgrades are needed, we can make recommendations and perform the installations you need.

Repairs pricing summary:

  • House calls: If we come to your business or home, you pay the on-site service charge.
  • Labor:
    • Basic hourly rate, $17 per hour.
    • For machines two years old or older, the maximum labor fee is $35. For all systems, if we can't fix it, you pay no labor charges.
    • For hard drive repair, there is a base fee and a data recovery fee rather than an hourly rate.
      Hard drive special: $15 base fee. If drive can't be restored to health, then add $10 per CD or $20 per DVD of recovered data you wish to buy.
  • Parts: as needed.

Contact us with your computer maintenance issues!

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